Cyberbullying Information for Students

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cybertalk CYBERTALK

Check out these links to learn some IM/chatting lingo

Talk the Talk
Chat Abbreviations
List of Acronyms

computer quiz QUIZ

Choose one of the following quizzes to check if you are part of the cyberbullying problem

Victim Have You Ever Been Cyberbullied?
Offender Are You a Cyberbully?

notebook for activities Activities

Choose one of the following activities to learn more about Cyberbullying

Word Find Internet Safety Quiz
Crossword Puzzle Concentration Game for Safe Kids’ Websites

recommendations Recommendations

Preventing Cyberbullying

Ms. Parry’s guide to correct online etiquette (Netiquette) Tips for staying safe and finding danger signs Internet Tips

Dealing with Cyberbullying
Stop, Block and Tell! Tell an adult you trust Do not reply to, erase or delete messages from cyberbullies Screenshots
Google Yourself Inform the authorities Collecting and Preserving Evidence Info. to be saved and how

Definition Means Statistics
Ways Signs News Reports